Disable Parallels Registration Popup Prompt

If you own a copy of Parallels 5+ (I’m currently on 6) and you don’t register your license to your Parallels account, every 3 days you will get a prompt to register your copy. For individual licensees, this is probably not an issue (excepting the extremely paranoid), but for IT admin types who rollout managed software packages to their users, this becomes a never-ending stream of fix tickets.

The following is a brilliant bit of scripting that will find all Parallels licenses and flag OFF the prompt.

defaults read "com.parallels.Parallels Desktop" | grep "Register.Show Welcome Dialog" | sed "s/.*{\(.*\)}.*/\1/" | while read id; do defaults write "com.parallels.Parallels Desktop" "Register.Show Welcome Dialog.{$id}" -bool NO; done;

Found in this post in the Parallels forum: relevant post